Size 6, Falling Star, Arfvedsonite

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More of a subtle nod to Calcifer. Calcifer (a world class fire demon) was a falling star captured by Howl with whom a pact was forged. In this ring a large piece of Arfvedsonite (sometimes mistakenly referred to as blue Astrophyllite) is surrounded by a galaxy of stars. The stone itself, when brightly lit, is filled with flashing streaks of blues, golds and reds as if it were the night sky filled with shooting stars!

Crafted out of fine and sterling silver. Given a dark patina and then finished with a mixture of high polishes and matte, brushed finishes. A size 6 on a triple band as shown above. Sorry, this can not be resized.

Measures approximately 2" x 1.5" at widest and tallest points.