PENDANT, Pumpkin Path, Candy Corn October House

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Autumn's Candy Corn!

You know autumn is around the corner when leaves fall and the candy corn come out...

This pendant's main attraction is an idea I have been dreaming up and working on for ages. Candy corn made out of real, natural stones! After working on this idea for the past year, and after much trial and error, they are a success!
(Please note: There may be internal fractures seen in these stones, as shown in the above pictures. This is normal and natural for these stones and does not effect their integrity or wear. Being natural, they may also vary in color from one to another.)

Typically, "October House" pieces feature the tiniest of candy corns. "A teeny tiny candy corn set inside a teeny tiny witch house." This particular piece however, features a larger candy found inside a forest cottage. I don't believe one size is better than the other, just something to point out in reference to past creations.

This pumpkin path cottage features a trinity of interlocking solid sterling silver twigs - cast from real branches! Complete with rising crescent moon and a trio of pumpkins at your door. Measures approximately 2.6" x 1.55" and strung on the 20" sterling silver chain shown above.

Handcrafted out of Fine Silver (.999) and Sterling Silver (.925). It has been given a dark GRAY patina (not quite as dark as a ghoul's heart) and then finished with a mix of both rough and high polishes for maximum magical feel. As shown in my Instagram stories, the dark portion of the candy corn has been DEEPLY BRUSHED, to give lines that give this piece an illustrative, forest fable feeling.


Each item is individual and handmade meaning no production lines are found at Dark Fawn. In this inherent nature, each piece will feature "imperfections" as the evidence of the individual eye and human touch each piece receives; making them all the more unique, ever more valuable and filled with energy. I also offer a lifetime guarantee on the blackened patina. If in the future, the patina wears off (as is the nature of it, giving it a more aged look as time goes on), simply send the ring back to me and I will re-blacken it for free. Did I leave anything out? Please check out my FAQ!

Rest assured:
All materials, tools and everything utilized at DarkFawn is 100% vegan.