36" Long & Layering Pendant, Vision of Helios

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My favorite piece of this release.

The name Heliodor is said to come from the Greek words "helion" and "doron" meaning "a gift from the sun", and is another name for Golden Beryl. Beryl is the same material as Emeralds and Aquamarine. It is a very valuable and rare precious gemstone.

This window of Helidor features a large stone covered in light-catching facets and filled with shimmer that illuminates at just the right angle. An exceptionally transparent piece, I have left the back cut out so the light may dance inside and you may connect better while wearing it.

Surrounded by trailing constellations, these celestial bodies dance for and are illuminated by the mother sun of above. Draped in filigree and ceremony, the sun gives life and fire to us all. A large crescent moon acts as the bail, connecting the piece to a long and layering 36" Sterling silver chain of substantial thickness which has been left blackened. Such a beautiful contrast to the bright golds of both stone and metal!

Made entirely out of Sterling Silver (.925), Fine Silver (.999) with brass accents. Given a dark patina with the front then highly polished and the back heavily brushed. Measures approximately 2.5" x 1" at widest points including bail and weighing approximately 1.5 ounces.

Please note: This is the chain this piece arrives on and while I understand chain preferences to be very individual, I am unable to swap this chain out for a different one.

As always, all stones used are ethically sourced and artisan cut. I pride myself and go to great lengths and expense to ensure all stones I use are not only valuable but also 100% ethical.



Each item is individual and handmade meaning no production lines are found at Dark Fawn. In this inherent nature, each piece will feature "imperfections" as the evidence of the individual eye and human touch each piece receives; making them all the more unique, ever more valuable and filled with energy. I also offer a lifetime guarantee on the blackened patina. If in the future, the patina wears off (as is the nature of it, giving it a more aged look as time goes on), simply send the ring back to me and I will re-blacken it for free. Did I leave anything out? Please check out my FAQ!

Rest assured:
All materials, tools and everything utilized at DarkFawn is 100% vegan.