Discounted! Moon Potion pendant

Regular price $235.00

Potion Bottles!

A moon potion! Complete with star stopper and a golden moon floating within the liquid, This piece offers a piece of natural quartz which has been cut into a fancy faceted potion bottle shape. The glow in the dark glass in this piece is blue! Perfectly fitting a night potion.

Handcrafted out of sterling silver, measuring approximately 1.75" x .75" at widest points including bail. Strung on the 20" sterling silver chain as shown above, which is included. Given a heavily brushed finish on both front and back.

I'm sorry but this is the only chain option I am offering with this piece.

PLEASE NOTE: This piece is "blemished"! There is nothing structurally wrong, there are just a few -what I consider- blemishes that I am discounting this piece for. For example, silver dust trapped within the potion (which might be considered a bonus as it is a moon/star potion) but also the silver that holds the stone does not have as clean of lines/finish as I am capable of, etc. So this piece is heavily discounted! YAY!