Mushroom Potion pendant

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Potion Bottles!

A mushroom potion! Complete with mushroom stopper which has been cast from a real forest mushroom, this piece offers a piece of natural quartz which has been cut into a fancy faceted potion bottle shape complete with tapered and lipped top! The quartz itself also has a cloud of inclusions which make it seem as though the potion if bubbling. This is a very powerful magic! Peering through the bottle, you'll find a cluster of (sterling silver) mushrooms and behind that a piece of glow in the dark glass. I love how the color of this glow makes it appear as though this one is toxic!

Handcrafted out of sterling silver, measuring approximately 1.75" x .75" at widest points including bail. Strung on the 20" sterling silver chain as shown above, which is included. Given a heavily brushed finish on both front and back.

I'm sorry but this is the only chain option I am offering with this piece.