Size 10.5 - Sugar on the Moon - HALLOWEEN EDITION, Confetti Sunstone, Sterling and Fine Silver Ring

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Sugar on the Moon. .. or is it now Halloween on the moon?

Typically my "Sugar" rings feature drops of candy colored moonstone however this time spiders have spun webs within the crescents and a large orange gem filled with magic spark is clasped. The faceted gem is a very large piece of confetti sunstone that seems too bright for mortal eyes. Absolutely spilling over the brim with firey glow and magic spark!

Handcrafted out of Fine (.999) and Sterling (.925) silver. Given a dark patina and then polished with a mix of satin and high polishes. Size 10.5 on a NON-adjustable band - unfortunately this ring can not be re-sized. It is a simple split band as shown in the above pictures with webbed moon adornment.

Each item is individual and handmade meaning no production lines are found at Dark Fawn. In this inherent nature, each piece will feature "imperfections" as the evidence of the individual eye and human touch each piece receives; making them all the more unique, ever more valuable and filled with energy. I also offer a lifetime guarantee on the blackened patina. If in the future the patina wears off (as is the nature of it, giving it a more aged look as time goes on) simply send the ring back to me and I will re-blacken it for free if you desire. Did I leave anything out? Please check out my FAQ and if that doesn't answer your inquiry, please feel free to email me directly!. Due to the high volume of inquires I receive, it may be one to two weeks before you receive a response. Thank you so much for your interest and support! It means the world to me!

Rest assured:
All materials, tools and everything utilized at DarkFawn is 100% vegan.