Size 10, Maiden of the Forest, Turquoise & Emerald ring

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Maiden of the Forest

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A "One off" PIECE! There is absolutely nothing wrong with this one! I created this last year for a collection revolving around plants. Due to unforseen circumstances, that collection had to be put on hold. I initially held onto this piece until I was able to revisit this botanical theme however I would now love to send it off into the world.

When I saw the main stone of this piece, a Turquoise Mountain turquoise, my mind instantly conjured images of Maidenhair ferns. Maidenhairs of bewildering proportion; their old leaves turning to pale slumber while new shoots reach out in extraordinary displays of green. As a whole, they resemble unruly forest clouds that call out to be touched and yet upon inspection their leaves trail down coal black stalks like miniature lily pads with the delicacy of ghosts in the wind.

I imagined a forest path lined with damp earth, deep roots and old spirits. Walking along that path and having leaves unfurl at your presence and ferns drape about your heels. Like shooting stars, the dew drops which once slumbered on the canopy above now walk at your side upon the path. With each rustle of a limb, their glittering stars freckle the way..

Golden (brass) leaves trail down your hand along with silver dewdrops and a crown of emerald leaves.

Measures approximately 2.10" x 1.90" at widest points. This piece has been handcrafted out of Sterling silver and fine silver with brass details. It has been given a dark patina and then finished with a both brushed and high polish. Resting on a double spilt band as shown above, fitting a size 10. Please note: unfortunately I do not offer resizing of pieces.



Each item is individual and handmade meaning no production lines are found at Dark Fawn. In this inherent nature, each piece will feature "imperfections" as the evidence of the individual eye and human touch each piece receives; making them all the more unique, ever more valuable and filled with energy. I also offer a lifetime guarantee on the blackened patina. If in the future, the patina wears off (as is the nature of it, giving it a more aged look as time goes on), simply send the ring back to me and I will re-blacken it for free. Did I leave anything out? Please check out my FAQ!

All materials, tools and everything utilized at DarkFawn is 100% vegan.