Size 7.5, Blue Flame, Superstions & Lore, Labradorite

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Supernatural Superstitions & Lore

The Blue Flame..

It was once believed that a flame turning blue signaled a spirit had entered the room. Throughout the 18th century, the concept of a flame burning blue due to nearby ghosts was "so universally acknowledged, that many eminent philosophers have busied themselves in accounting for it, without once doubting the truth of it." - Francis Grose, Collections of Proverbs and Popular Superstitions, 1787.

Ghosts swirl around a glowing the blue glowing blue moonstone eye of a silver planchette, layered and paired with a flame of labradorite and two rising crescent moons! Resting on a single, wider band which features howling ghosts and an unlit candle which reads "When the flame turns blue..."

Measuring approximately 2.1" x 1.1" at widest and longest points. Best fits a size 7.5, on the band shown above. Unfortunately, I can not resize this piece - sorry!



Each item is individual and handmade meaning no production lines are found at Dark Fawn. In this inherent nature, each piece will feature "imperfections" as the evidence of the individual eye and human touch each piece receives; making them all the more unique, ever more valuable and filled with energy. I also offer a lifetime guarantee on the blackened patina. If in the future, the patina wears off (as is the nature of it, giving it a more aged look as time goes on), simply send the ring back to me and I will re-blacken it for free. Did I leave anything out? Please check out my FAQ!

All materials, tools and everything utilized at DarkFawn is 100% vegan.